Frame Rate change

Hi all,

I have a DVD player which will play AVI files via USB, now some always played in Black and White and I assumed it was a codec issue but I’ve since discovered after lots of messing about that its actually a frame rate issue.

My Dvd Player will only play files with a 23.976 frame rate correctly, all other frame rates either wont play or play in black and white.

Now I found a program called AVI Frame Rate Changer 1.10 which did change the frame rate and the files worked perfectly in my DVDplayer with only 1 problem, the audio is out of sync, same issue if I play back on my PC too.

Now what I would like to know is if its possible to change the frame rate and keep the audio in sync at the same time without doing a full re-encode as that takes hours on my PC yet a frame rate change only takes a minute. If this is possible how do I do it and do I use a program like Virtualdub?


I dont think that can work, fully recode is the only logical option.

ohh, so how do I convert an AVI file with a frame rate od 29fps to an AVI file with a frame rate of 25fps??

We already had this question many times, please use SEARCH.