Frame Rate, Avg. Bitrate etc

What are the meaning of frame rate, avg. bitrate, audio and video streams and how do I found out what each are in a film? Thanks!:rolleyes:

To find all these info, download GSpot and load your file in, All is there.
To find the rest of it, visit Wikipedia
This is for frame rate.

Thanks I have Gspot but there is no decent help file.

You do not need help file, because all the info is there.
To understand what it means for you to use it, you will have to do some reading.

Another tool that puts the information in a little more readable format is MediaInfo. It lists the specifications of your video files, just like Gspot.

Wikipedia is a good spot to start on these terms. To learn more about video go to and and if you really want to dive in head first, go to the forums at