Frame Processing Times

I was just wondering if there was a site which would tell you roughly how long it takes to process a frame on different WU’s and CPU’s.

Reason is that it appears my computer has slowed down. Maybe just in my mind which is why I wanted to check. I know different WU’s effect it etc.

Linux SMP Via VWware = ~25min frames
Windows SMP = ~37min frames
Windows Console = ~30min frames

These are all on a AMD 4400+ without anything else running.

When I first used Linux SMP Via VWware I was sure I was getting ~13min frames. It’s playing havok with my deadlines, i.e i’m not making them.

Any ideas???
Post some times even and lets compare.

I’ve no idea, maybe some WUs are quicker than others.

All mine seem to be about ~26min/frame so far though. Making all my deadlines fine.

Windows SMP, Pentium D 950, 3.40GHz.

Stuff running is usually Spider Solitaire (I know, I know :p) and FF with 2 tabs open.

I’m getting 30.5 minute frames on my x2-3800@stock ->Linux SMP->Project 2605
A few light things running -> Kget/Konquerer/Kmplayer(xine/opengl).

The project must have changed, or the deadlines have been halved … Mine also used to do 15min frames & I’d meet the deadlines with just 6hrs/day runtime … but now … I have to run two instances of the standard client during weekdays, and the SMP client only on weekends :frowning:

My score has suffered bitterly.

I don’t know of any but Arachne posted this link one day to look at deadlines and points.

For me with Linux SMP Via VWware = ~12min frames

Ah, this was going to be my question in the quiz oh well…

I’ve been in the same situation Womble, one of my C2D E6400 same settings, previously can crunch same project in 12mins per frame now around 18 mins. After messing around here and there, I found the problem: somehow in BIOS the VT is disabled. Enabled it and now crunching Win SMP much faster.

this site will give you expected ppd for different cpu’s and the minimum speed of each cpu to complete within the deadline, it also gives you a number for days to complete*GHz so you can divide by your GHz and multiply by 24 to get the total hours of runtime needed (divide that by 100 to get time per frame)

Disabling VT is recommended when overclocking from what i’ve read but i have to have VT enabled to run VMware. So far running at 3.2 with my E6600 i have not really noticed any difference.

Isn’t this Intel only?
I thought that AMD chips/ BIOS had it supported by deault so to speak.
If i’m wrong is it called anything else under AMD as there is no mention of it in my BIOS.

Only AMD-socket AM2 supports VT. :wink: The socket939 processor variety … which I believe Womble has, does not support VT and therefore cops a 5% performance penalty when switching between linux & windows. of course in this case, there is no VT to disable in bios.

The VT i’m talking about = Vanderpool Technology

It’s on my Asus P5B bios

Lol :slight_smile:
Why do companies have to have a custom name for the same thing?

WU 2609

[21:04:31] Writing local files
[21:04:32] Completed 415000 out of 500000 steps (83 percent)
[21:12:43] Writing local files
[21:12:43] Completed 420000 out of 500000 steps (84 percent)
[21:20:23] Writing local files
[21:20:24] Completed 425000 out of 500000 steps (85 percent)
[21:28:14] Writing local files
[21:28:14] Completed 430000 out of 500000 steps (86 percent)
[21:36:05] Writing local files
[21:36:05] Completed 435000 out of 500000 steps (87 percent)
[21:44:13] Writing local files
[21:44:13] Completed 440000 out of 500000 steps (88 percent)