Frame by frame edit

Hi, I am looking for a free or trial(no wattermark) program that lets me edit frame by frame. All I need to do is put in a picture and make it smaller, move it, and rotate it. Possably even crop it if it is there. And it would help alot if the edits I made one frame will go the next frame so I can move them to match that frame. It would also help if there is an easy option to choose how many frames per second there is while still keeping the audo in sync. The reason I don’t want to pay for this is because it is for a school project and I won’t need it after monday.

Almost every editor has a free trial, so if you really only want it just for one project, just use the demo. is a good place to look. I don’t edit, but a lot of people seem fond of Sony’s Vegas.

thanks for the suggestion. I did end up buying the pinnicle software. It isnt that I didnt want to pay for it just didn’t want to pay for adobe software to only use it for a couple of days.