Fragmentation, is this normal?

When I make a copy of a movie to my hard drive folder, my HDD goes from no defragmentation to almost half red and defragmentation needed. If I defragment with the movie on the HDD, most of the time defragmenting is spent on the movie files.
If I remove the movie before defragmenting, most of the defragmented files go away, how ever there are some left and they do build up over a very short time.
Even slower if I use temp file only ,IE: Source: Movie DVD, Target: DVD drive.
I could ask why but I probably would not understand the answer, but others might. Or is this just a problem (not really a problem) I’m blessed with?
I’ve even got a defragmentation shortcut on my desktop.
The last movie I backed up was Casino Royale and the Bonus Disc and that one movie created a need to defragment.
Any thoughts?
Thank you, Ron

Do your files go on C: drive? I use a partition to put my DVD files on or sometimes on a completely different hard drive from what C: is on. I have 4 hard drives.

I defrag all my drives once a week or so depending on what i’ve done in between weeks.

I use Perfect Disk.

When Windows writes files it will use the first free space it encounters & as a movie is being created the file(s) will grow & the fie system will then allocate the next available free space & so on.

So if the defragging program just defrags the individual files that are fragmented without moving files into the first empty slots then a large number of tiny pockets of free space will be left & these are the first filled.

The application I use (PerfectDisk) has a Smart Placement option which moves all the files into the first available free slots so all that is left is large contiguous areas. In this situation what you’re seeing won’t happen.

That’s a rather simplistic explanation but it should give the idea as to what’s happening.

I would think it would be as DVDFab requires about 10 GB of free HD space to work. Also a HD writes from outside inward the opposite of a DVD. Some of the files are small, but on HD require a sector even if smaller. Also a HD writes to first available space allowing contents to be scattered instead of together. Some recommend using a different partition to save files which would appear as another drive.

Sorry if info is repeated as I type slow.


Thanks for the quick response.
Yes, C Drive. I’ve thought long and often of getting an external HDD. I thought about a firewire hookup (as most of my USBs are used) I’d want to get one formated NTFS vs. FAT32 wouldn’t I? I heard some come formated FAT32 and I can’t see any where on the boxes how they are formated.
I have 132 GB free space on HDD “C” as I don’t save the movies more than a couple of days.

Doesn’t matter how they come as a reformat to NTFS is a quick & simple process.

You can always partition the drive you have now with windoze XP disk. Make a 20 gig partition or whatever you want to keep the files off your C: drive or buy another hard drive and put it in your tower if you have available IDE connection. Or put in a PCI-IDE card like i did.

Yes it’s pretty easy.

I was OK till now. This is getting a bit over my head.
I might consider an external drive. My insides are screwed up enough.
So,This is normal?

Does your system run slow if you don’t defrag soon after using your DVD program? I’d say you can defrag once a week or so and still be good to go. DVD’s are 8+gigs big so i’d say it is normal.

I don’t know about slow, it hard to tell or say for sure.
Play back of DVDs on the PC gets jerky, that is for sure.

Does it get jerky after you defrag?

NO. At least new rips don’t jerk after defrag.
Not sure about movies on HDD during defrag.
If I copy when needing to defrag., Yes they are jerky.
At least I think so. I haven’t done an in depth test for a while now.

I don’t play movies on my pc much so maybe someone else will chime in and give their 2 cents. Sorry Ron that’s about all the help i can give you for now.

Thank you. I don’t watch them on PC either. Just a quick chapter by chapter check before burn and the disc after burn.
When I find a good stable version of Fab that doesn’t eat up my DL discs I use my drive as target.

A little off topic, but do any of you ever tried to install windows on its own partition. I have read that this helps keep the drive working faster. I have thought about testing it to see if it does make a difference.


What DL media are you using?

That’s what i do and have always installed my OS that way so i don’t know if it’s faster. I do think it keeps C: drive from being so fragmented. Just my theory.

[Off Topic]
Once you partition a drive you can start to see a performance dip when the other partition(s) are being used. This is because the O/S partition is almost always being accessed & when another partition is accessed the read/write heads have to move to service that request.
I’ve have this actually on a 200GB drive on mine but the non-O/S partition is used storage of very infrequently accessed files.
I also backup the O/S partition as a disc image with Acronis True Image so keeping it small helps there.

The idea would be a small , fast HDD for the O/S only and data stored on separate drives.

I usually choose one of my non OS drives to put files on when using DVD copy software with my burning optical drive on another channel or SATA optical drive.