Hi everyone .
As you can all see in my signature that i have got a brand new graphics card ( geforce 4 mx 440 64mb with agp 8x ) . I have installed Forceware 53.03 in windows 2000 professional with sp4 . I am able to get frame rate of 25 fps in unreal tournament 2003 with each and every settings high and resolution of 1024’768 . refresh rate is 85hz . for Quake III Arena , i am able to get 70 fps again in 1024’768 res. Do you think this frame rate is good enough i mean the normal performance of geforce 4 mx ?
Will there be any difference ( in fps of course :slight_smile: if I keep changing the drivers and trying out each one ?

thanks in advance for ur suggestions :slight_smile:


Yes that sounds like a reasonable performance to me. UT2003 is quite a heavy game for that card. I remember that my GF4-Ti4200 (on an AMD Athlon 2800+) did about 80fps on 1024…

If you want to do some more comparisons, try out 3DMark from http://www.futuremark.com


The differences between drivers will be very slight. Your MX card is just not up to speed for today’s games. A $40 card just ain’t going to do it gamingwise no matter how much you tweak.


Not only that but the MX cards are not DX9.0 capable.


I could have easily gotten Geforce FX-5600 Ultra card . i am gonna tell you something which might surprise you . i asked this card by email to my cousin who is living in Irvine ( near LA ) and it costs 100$ . he bought it in Fry`s Electronics . He left the same day to reach my place and when I got the graphics card from him personally . I immediately saw the card and found it to be changed into mx 440 8x . I could also see that there was no anti-static bag when he gave it to me and there was a couple of scraches on the box indicating that it was been tampered with . :frowning:
Who knows what happened… :frowning: :frowning: . Either the store might have misplaced it or the airport guys might have changed it ( i think this is only possibility ) . Had he brought it in his hand-bag ( where he is allowed to carry it with him all the time ) , nothing would have happened and I would have had fx in my new system . what 100$ card became a 40$ crap card .
At the same time , my parents were also leaving to Hong Kong and returning back via Singapore . I had written the same graphics card and since it was a lot more expensive than the US version , I said “NO” in the phone ( when they were in Singapore ) .