FP I am correct in not using deep anaylisis on

a non compressed backup true? i see no need for it as all deep anaylisis does is find the max compression that is possible on each frame. Also why does it need to be done when you first load the title? I found after reauthoring the title it takes considerably less time on just the portion that i want to back up. Is it because it saves the title settings in mydocs and if i were to let say load the title again and try to back up the whole thing it would be whacked because i only performed the deep anayisis on title1? if so thats not a problem as i clear out that info after i make a backup.:stuck_out_tongue:

I was speaking generally, < 4.38GB = no compression and no DA necessary.

There’s a post by shrink himself somewhere that says to perform DA first and not in the RA window. For the life of me I can’t find it.

k i think i see his point though…if you just do deep anaylisis on one title track then reload the original later on and not redo deepanaylisis i could see problems with backing up the whole title or parts that you did not perform the deep anaylisis on. so he has a valid point. But so far as ive tested ive had no problems doing it my way…but like i said i clear out my documents and settings afterword so i dont have the problem i diagramed above.