Foxconn to manufacture PS3 Slim

I just posted the article Foxconn to manufacture PS3 Slim.

Unconfirmed reports originating from Asia indicate a slim Sony PlayStation 3 finally has entered into production now that several companies are working with Sony to finalize manufacturing…

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Depends on the price.

but i like my ‘george foreman’ grill!:stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on if it has PS2 compatability.

I need a bluray player for my parents
And the upscaling capabilities of the PS3 for standard DVD’s, and low quality DVD rip AVI’s, is very nice

Hopefully its quieter than my current PS3.

I have one in the living room (when they first came out) and I was going to just buy a blu-ray player for our bedroom (towards Christmas). If the price is right I would buy a slim.

Ugh, no doubt. I’m glad I can hide mine in a cabinet, it’s way too loud to watch movies with in the open.

you’re joking guys, the ps3 is way quieter than the 360’s fan!! and its not THAT ugly, at least its not shaped like the gamecube! lol

Keep it next to a central heating vent or something?
Mines quieter than my lowly intel C2Duo T5670 laptop, which I wouldn’t complain about.
And while it’s playing blu-ray is completely inaudible - bluray must be a breeze or something.
Games the fan ramps up, and it’s still a hell of alot quieter than my PC, which only has the PSU fans going.

Only if backwards compatability is brought back… until then… never.


then you’re very sad people! I used the ps3 to play ps2 games about 5 times in the 2 years i have had my first one! when i got enough games for my ps3 i never looked back!