Foxconn MB + 250GB ATA HD?



Just in case someone happens to know/own the same or similar MB (mine’s a Foxconn 865A01-PE-6EKRS, 1/10/2005 BIOS), does it support larger than 137GB ATA/IDE HDs ?

If it doesn’t, would it still work problem-free with the HD manufacturer’s software (dynamic disk overlay, that sort of thing) ? Say, without having to worry about the 137GB+ data loss theory part ?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


That is probably Windows doing that to you. Windows below SP1 (not sure if it’s SP1 or SP2)only see’s drives larger than 120GB as around 130 GB. This is much better than using the HD manufacture software. Once you have slipstreamed SP2 and have a bootable disc Windows will see and Format the whole drive vs 130 GB. Hope this helps. :wink:


I’m not talking about OSes. I’m talking about BIOSes. And I wouldn’t even begin to know what do you mean by “That is probably Windows doing that to you”. Maybe you’re replying here to a different thread from someone else that you read someplace else ? :slight_smile:


Sorry I misread it you are just checking it out.:o The Intel® 865PE (MCH) + Intel® ICH5R would support HD larger than 137 GB. Can’t see why it wouldn’t but anyone that has a 865 based Mobo should be able to clarify that hopefully.:wink:
Edit: In this Review they tested 3 boards including the board in question using 250 GB S ATA and a 80 GB P ATA hard drives.


Hehe I know where you were coming from, I did a search myself prior to posting - 10000 topics with same line of questions syndrome :stuck_out_tongue:

Much appreciated about the chipset info, that’s good news although I’m aiming for ATA as opposed to the 250GB SATA they tested in the review.


BIOS and OS have to support that higher sized hdd.
So check them both for updates (on xp you need sp2, AFAIK).


Yeah, I’m aware of OS issues and solutions by the likes of Intel, Maxtor et al and that part doesn’t really bother me (using SP2 to start with anyway) :slight_smile: