Fox to launch TV-to-DVD starter set campaign Tuesday

I just posted the article Fox to launch TV-to-DVD starter set campaign Tuesday.

 In an effort  to entice folks to drop a bundle on their favorite TV series that have come  to DVD, Fox is selling teasers of a couple episodes for around 10 bucks. This is  to show those that...
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Instead of “passing it on”, rip the DVD, make it a DivX, and then share it with the world! Then Fox would really see their episodes spread. After all, it is “free” if you buy the full DVD set later. They could rename it “TV-to-DVD-to-DivX”. So by downloading it and then buying the full set, you arrive paying the same amount of money… although this probably isn’t what Fox would want.
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kahoona’s idea or some variation on it makes more sense than the Fox plan. After all this is free TV and if anyone wanted a “teaser” they could just watch the show.

People already do that though. I would imagine this is targeted for those that don’t even know you can DL whole series or movies from the internet.

And what if I don’t like the series and don’t want to buy a “higher-priced-dvd box set” after seeing the tv-to-dvd set? That would mean I just wasted $10 (I assume they mean $9.99 when they say under $10). $10 for seeing two episodes, you gotta be kidding, a blockbuster rental would cost what, $3 (correct me if I’m wrong)? If person watched the series on TV he already’ve seen it enough to know if he likes it enought to buy on DVD, if a person have not seen on TV yet, it’s too much of a gamble to pay $10 for seeing two episodes of a show that he may or may not like. A much easier solution would be to either watch a couple of episodes on TV or borrow a copy from a friend or download a couple of episodes from the net. Seems to me the only point of this thing is blatant profiteering (nothing wrong with it, just don’t make it sound like it’s the next best thing to sliced bread). If a person buys the tv-to-dvd set and decides not to buy the real dvd set FOX just made easy $10, if a person decides to buy the real dvd set, FOX just gained another customer. IMO a real solution would be to offer a couple of sample episodes for download officially from FOX website, but that’s not gonna happen, in FOX’s/MPAA’s eyes that’s blasphemy.

Or you could really piss them off, buy buying the box set, copying it and then return it for a full refund. :d