Fox Sports Copy-Protected signals



i recently tried to archive the recent Lakers’ games broadcast from FOX sports net in LA. i have a LG DVD recorder. i re4corded the games on tape on another machine then intended to transfer them to DVD. The first game was fine, but the next game, i got a Copy-protected signal that stopped everything. i was pissed. i am already paying for cable, and thus, the broadcast. Fox is totally out of line and as such they are the only ones playing NBA games that do that crap. im not going to sell it to anyone, i just want the program, they will never release games to DVD in their entirety anyway. another F-U to the consumers. I can almost understand it with The Soprano’s and HBO, they have DVD’s for sale somewhere, but what about newscasts and sporting events that will never be on DVD. And what happens when the signal stops us from even taping the thing on VHS? or DVR Hard Drives? too far, man