Fox pulls bonus features from rental DVDs

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In a strategy aimed at reviving sales, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will leave special features off its rental DVDs.
Fox’s wholesalers will start distributing two different versions of the…

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All this will do is show that nobody is willing to spend extra $ for the special features. Stupid idea.

Hopefully, since these rentals will have more space for just the movie, they can increase the bitrate quality of the movie itself…lol.

If anything they will cut the bitrate down to try and get you to rent Blu-ray movies…

To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I watched anything in the special features area, except for the Family Guy DVD sets & Futurama movies.

This will bite them in the ass. It has to be more expensive to produce and manage two sets of discs of the same movie. It seems it would take a lot of sales to absorb this extra cost. Also, I would actually PREFER the stripped version at the rental places once they go on sale. (and would be willing to wait until they were available for most of todays films) I hope it drives the price down though.

The only thing that would suck and I would not put it past Fox, would be to take the extra space on the rental to place an advertisement for the same movie disc and go on about all the “Bonus Features” you get if you buy the retail version. So they get a rental AND a sale.

Perfect case example. I knew when I saw Zack & Miri at the theater I’d want to see the DVD JUST for the extras. I got it at our library for free.The first disc which has the movie has 1 and a half hours of deleted scenes some of which are hilarious. The bonus disc has bloopers etc. I never BUY movies but this sounds like another idea that SUCKS !! And WILL confuse people.

So there going to make it so the free pirate internet copy is better then than the rental copy? That doesn’t seem to bright. You’re not suppose to make the paid product crappier than the free product.

I’ve always been interested in the extra content of DVDs (case in point: the three outstanding four-disc box sets on the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy), so I am naturally disappointed in Fox’s decision. A good example of to include or not to include is Warners’ two-disc edition of THE DARK KNIGHT: if I hadn’t been able to sample the set through Netflix before buying, I would have been reeeeeeallly cheesed off. Since the two-disc edition is pretty well worthless, I opted for the single-disc edition.

I guess the point here is, my library can buy any edtion they want because they don’t RENT anything. The RENTAL places will get screwed. I hope Redbox doesn’t buy these…LOL

This is such a crappy idea. On the other hand I don’t watch the extras anyway. I rent my redbox or netflix watch them and move on. I don’t own but 1 dvd. Have watched thousands.

I never watch the extras, either. On the other hand, it would be cool to see all those wacky, comical out-takes and bloopers from “Schindler’s List”.