Fox brings IMDB to Blu-ray

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“What’s he been in?” Find out without leaving the couch.

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While I’m not one to gush praise over the [B][I][U]EVIL LORDS OF DARKNESS[/U][/I][/B] responsible for all things DRM (aka ‘the studios’) I must give credit where credit is due…

Someone with more than half a brain is working over at Fox Studios… Perhaps once the management learns of this fact they will have him locked up in the nether-dungeons found in the catacombs deep underneath Lot A, Studio 7. :eek:

Sorry got distracted their for a brief moment… where was I… Oh yes, brilliant idea and kudos to them getting to IMDB first and I hope they paid extra for an exclusive (if IMDB was willing). This will nip those ever constant husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, commonlawpartner/commonlawpartner battles much more rapidly and allow us ALL to continue enjoying the film instead of thinking to yourself “I’ll show HIM/HER as soon as this movie is over I’m going straight to IMDB!” over and over and over again for the remainder of the film.

This is the sort of thing that sounds great, but never works out that way.

Wolverine has caused major playback issues on many different players, usually refusing to load or play at all. Now we know why. Layer upon layer of half-baked JAVA programming that never works right.

Personally I’d rather watch the movie than wait for an eternity for some online content that may or may not download correctly.

Wait!! You want to watch unmolested HD quality movies without headaches!!! Ummm isn’t that what torrents are for… :confused: oops did I just say that aloud? :iagree:

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