FOURCC code "0"



I’ve been trying to view a file with DivX Player 2.1 and a message says, "The file contains the following type of data:
video data "FOURCC code “0”. Where can I get this type of codex?:rolleyes:


That’s not a valid code


K-Lite Codec Pack 2.02 has a Fourcc code changer.



Take this from the Manafacturer Homepage theres Only a little File , Note the Old FourCC Code to change it back !!

FourCC Changer Home

Cu Alfred !!


Hey guys i downloaded the program that replace the code in avi file but what should i replace the code with:bow:



look here -> FourCC Codes i think this is the right Site 4 you !!

Cu Alfred


Hi did you manage to fix your problem because i have the same problem?

(please do not post in caps)


The following post is intended to be rude, don’t feel offended because your cheap ass tried to play some divx d/led from p2p, made by people who think divx they made are the shit, but in reality look like shit.

If you want your divx to work, buy a copy of the original DVD from a retailor and encode it yourself, w/ DivX 5.05 and MP3 codec.


I think that is the Xvid codec. Why in the heck people have to encode something with something odd.