Four ninjas steal ATM

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Tampa, Florida - It’s not quite Halloween, but that didn’t stop some costumed bandits from making off with a gas station’s ATM.

Tampa Police say four men dressed in ninja outfits slammed a white Ford pickup truck into the Sunoco gas station at MacDill and Azeele on Monday morning.

The suspects picked up the automatic teller machine and drove off. They then went to Riverfront Park, took the money out and drove the truck with the ATM into the Hillsborough River and fled on foot.

The robbery was reported just after 5 AM. The truck was reported stolen and the gas station was not open to the public at the time because it is undergoing renovation.

There has been no sign of the ninjas.

Fear the deadly silent super secret ninja ATM skillz! :bigsmile:

Bet they forgot their PIN numbers! :slight_smile:

Those darn ninjas.

LOL. It’s actually kind of funny, but I give them two days before they are caught.

I wonder if they brought nunchucks