Founder of McAfee antivirus confident he’ll be the next President in 2016



We’ve just posted the following news: Founder of McAfee antivirus confident he’ll be the next President in 2016[newsimage][/newsimage]

John Mcafee, the founder of the well known antivirus software company, will run for President in 2016. Mcafee also created a new party called Cyber Party. The Federal Election Committee has confirmed that Mcafee indeed filed the necessary paperwork.

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How do we spell nut job?


Did he go to the same school as the Trump :bigsmile:


If he becomes a candidate that seems to have a chance I will at least listen …

-Edited out due to political content-

I do have some possibles but I will have to see if they get to the actual ballot.


[B]All aboard the Starship Swivel-eyed, destination Planet Bonkers! [/B]:iagree::bigsmile:

John McAffee was a pioneer who made a substantial contribution to computing. But like the products of the company he founded became irrelevant, then positively dangerous, many years ago.

Never the less, he is undoubtedly one if the more electable candidates so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL he’s the only suspect for a murder in Belize. Â guess he won’t be visiting there if elected.


The U.S. Presidential election is quite entertaining… until you realize, that in principle any of those candidates could get their hands on nuclear launch codes! :sad:


No need for it to become political. I edited a post and intend to close it now. Please visit McAfee’s web pages for more insight: