Found Verbatim 8x DL MIT - write speed?

Not necessarily.

I think the Pioneer drives have been known to slow down near the layer break on many discs, and they’ve come out well. [Sorry, but I haven’t searched for an example of this].

How does a 6x or 4x burn look?

Sorry… the attach got lost.

Here is the TRT:

PS: Currently burnin a larger ISO, will post results later.

Hi Moomin,

I have a similar experience to yours…
When burned at 8x it gives me an higher error-rate after the LB.
No such problems when burned at 6x.
It seems to me that LB and changing the speed between 6x and 8x after the LB is the problem…

Yes, I suggest trying 6x, moomin or even 4x. Then post the results here. Hopefully there will be a nice improvement.

That’s hopeful news Chef, thanks. I’ll try more burns when I have time, unfortunately something came up and I’ve had little time to myself this weekend.


Did another, just at 4x but it clearly tells about the speed problem:

I’m hoping I’ll have some time this weekend to try more. Too much work these last few weeks :sad:

But some good news on this wednesday the 13th: my archival successor to my DVD writers has arrived :stuck_out_tongue: now all I need is time to hook it up and give it a try :slight_smile: It’s a small external e-sata case, for 2 drives with raid 0-1, jbod or spanning. The nice bit is the easy swap for HDs, so I only need one case and a few dozen 1TB Samsung HDs to pair in Raid-1:bigsmile:

This is it. Sorry, German site.

It turns out to be rather tiny and cute :bigsmile: Move over DVD-R…

at least for archiving. :iagree:

Sorry for the OT, but haven’t had much fun lately and today this came in after a long wait :slight_smile:


Here is mine, burned @6x in LG H62N.
Not so great, but seems that second layer is better than first…