Found Verbatim 8x DL MIT - write speed?

I found some cheap (for this part of the world) Verbatim +DL DVDs, 8x, MIT.

12 Euro per pack of 10. I picked up 3 packs, not enough cash in my wallet for more.

What would be the best speed to burn these at, on a Pioneer 212?


Well, you might have to test. As far as I know, no one has seen made in Taiwan Verbatim DL. Is it Verbatim’s own MKM 003 model, or some other model?

If it is the MKM 003 disc model, many people seem to have good results at 6x and 8x, and even 10x [if you ever need to overspeed]. But I’d suggest you watch out, as the quality may not be up there with the Singapore-made discs yet.

Wow, MIT Verbie DLs? :eek:

Love to see some tests, if you have time :flower:

Now you guys have me worried so I double checked. I have 2 boxes of 5 jewelcases each, 8x, they’re MIS, and were a tad more expensive at 1.8 Euro a disc.

The spindles of 10 discs at 8x are indeed “Made in Taiwan”, and MIDs report as MKM003. The font on the spindle has Serif, which if this is still an indicator, would suggest CMC.

I’ll run tests this weekend. Germans should check out Mediamarkt, that’s were I found them (Aachen) but you may want to wait for some tests. These discs have a darker recording side than I remember from the 2x MIS, will have to compare to the MIS 8x when I have more time. I wonder if they’ll play well on standalones.


I’m very interested in your upcoming findings too, Moomin. :slight_smile:
My last order from Germany of MKM003 (received today) is MIS. First time I’m hearing about MIT MKM. Let’s hope for the best…


I just checked, I also got MIT MKM003!!!

Hey moomin, where did you get them from?

Here is a scan (sorry, still have not yet burnt larger stuff on them).
Burnt with my trusty DVR-111DSV.

Nice scan, chef :smiley: :clap:

I have two MIT MKM003 in jewel cases. I bought them when I was in Greece. They are made by CMC, serial starts with PAH70…

I don’t burn them yet.


I just checked, I also got MIT MKM003!!!

Hey moomin, where did you get them from?[/QUOTE]

:stuck_out_tongue: Like I said, Germans should check the MediaMarkt. I got hem in Aachen, at the Alexianergraben.


[QUOTE=Arachne;2099021]Nice scan, chef :smiley: :clap:[/QUOTE]Mmmwwwmmmmyessss, bUT my own 203B is such an over-tolerant scanner that personally I’d rather see a scan performed in some known pickier drive… ( + a TRT of course).

Chef, would you care posting a TRT performed in the 111? :slight_smile:

Starting with PAH70, el correcte. :wink:
I bought them from damrotech recently in a 10pcs spindle/cake, BTW.

Will post a TRT soon.

Here is one:

[quote=chef;2099449]Here is one:[/quote] One what? :wink:

BAH701… errr PAH701 serial. Not happy.

Is the Pioneer DVR212 that poor with +DL? :sad:

It will play on my standalone till the layer break, then freeze :frowning:


[QUOTE=Moomin;2099537]Is the Pioneer DVR212 that poor with +DL? [/quote]Naaah, :disagree: it’s a great DL burner, maybe even the best! :smiley:

My guess here is that these discs have a questionable outer edge quality. I had DL Verbs recently with a similar issue. The problem is that when the OPC of the Pioneer starts choking on a bad region near the edge of the disc, it seems to be unable to get things under control again during the burn of the second layer (long story short).

Try limiting the burn to a smaller size and see if it helps… :frowning:

BTW, your standalone player seems to be rather picky: the 212 is not a great reader, and the TRT is flawless nevertheless… are you sure there’s not a LB mastering issue of some kind?

What write speed was that, Moomin?

Franck, I noticed the burn was in trouble when it reached the layer change. The beginning of layer 1 was written at normal speed, then suddenly dropped off sharply and speed didn’t pick up again until quite a bit later. The writer clearly didn’t like what I’d fed it :frowning:

So the scan wasn’t a surprise really, but there’s no damage on the disc visible, so it is a manufacturing issue. Maybe a dud, I’ll try more discs.

I will have smaller discs to burn anyway, but since this one was not even a full disc, only 7.6GB, leaving almost a GB unused, I’d be very disappointed if what you say is the norm with these discs.

Albert, speed was 8x, I’ll try 6x next.

Edit: Franck, the disc was a copy from an original DVD Video disc, no changes were made and the burn was made with the latest IMGBurn software. Should I try using the Litey for burning these discs? I only have that one, a Pioneer 111 and an older Plextor 716 available, the latter two I think are not familiar with MKM003.


Can’t say about the Litey… no personal experience.
My own 112 burns premium MKM003 even @10X with excellent results.
Only when the MKM003 blanks were not premium did I experience issues…

[QUOTE=Francksoy;2099611]Only when the MKM003 blanks were not premium did I experience issues…[/QUOTE]And even then, despite ugly scans and so-so TRTs, the discs are still perfeclty readable in my own standalone players…

Rats, so I do have a pack of duds :frowning: