Found the way to roll back from dvd400i KH27 to older firms



finally got it , but :frowning: i found out that the problem i had was a hardware problem//// but good though …

if anybody is interested i can post it



Yeah that would be a great help. Been trying to make it roll back so i can burn -r disk for ages now


Yes please post how. I’m stuck with KH27 on this drive.


Roll back a firmware is impossible.

You must re-flash.


I’m not able to flash the drive to an older firmware.


Which firmware do you want to use ? Why ?


I want to flash it to a phillips firmware so I can get the extra “features” as discussed in this thread

I’ve managed to flash it to HH26 using the dos flasher Benqcvt. Still Benqcvt won’t flash it to earlier firmwares (Bh04, fh04), it errors out with a hex string when uploading the firmware. Does the same with the phillips firmware.


Which Philips firmware do you want to use ?


I want to use this one.