Found TDK DVD-R DL 8x (CMC MAG. AD8)




Recently I found this media, seems to be pretty rare. It is genuine CMC DVD-R DL, rated 8x, branded by TDK.

My LG H62N offers only 2x speed for this media, so I decided to burn it using my second drive, Lite-On DH20A3H. Lite-On offers 4x, 6x and 8x speeds, so I decided to burn this media, using full 8x speed.

I bought only one of these, it cost about 1.2 Eur, they were packaged in 10x cakebox. I bought this one in northern part of Serbia, so my guess is that they are imported from Hungary.

I am happy with the scan and the TRT, judging by this scan, it seems that media is pretty stable.

Here are the scans:


Thanks for the tests, zivija! :flower:

With only one firmware update to its name, it kinda doesn’t surprise me that the LG would only offer 2x :doh:…talking of which though, you’re still on CL00, maybe a slim chance that CL01 supports it (though I still doubt it). :slight_smile:

I’d certainly never heard of that CMC MID before :eek:

Be interesting to see how it would fare playing back on a standalone player.


I’d love to see what an AD-7240S could do with one of those.