Found: Pleomax Optodisc


Yesterday I speaked with negritude on chit-chat, and I’m still on dilemma.
I saw in local store Samsung Pleomax 8x DVD-R & DVD+R discs in 25 cakeboxes. DVD-R have transparent cakebox top with no paper insert, and I can clearly saw Optodisc batch codes. Media is white. DVD+R have paper insert with dancing dude on it. I saw also discs with this dancing dude on them, but I want to avoid them (I don’t want their style). Negritude told me that he only saw that “dancing” design of discs only in jewel cases, and all cakebox discs were “normal” white design.
I want to know people’s experiences with 25 cakeboxes of DVD+R 8x made by Pleomax. I saw on database that DVD+R 8x also can be MBI (I have good experience with them), but I just want to know is there any sing that I can be sure that I will not get “dancing dude” design. Also, is there any sign of Made in… on cakeboxes?

It is maybe the last chance to get some Optodisc, because stock is nearly empty. They have good price, so I’m in dilemma to go with 2x 25 cakebox of DVD-R or to buy one DVD+R and one DVD-R package.


Well, I’m in the states, so what you get in your part of the world could be different.

Look, it’s only a couple of 25-packs. Just buy the DVD-R and be done with it. You’re spending too much time on this and someone else could buy them. As long as you verify that they are Optodisc by the hub code and/or the dark grey spacer, you’re good.

There is no way to guarantee what design you’ll get, but if you don’t see the dancing dude on the DVD-R, then that probably means going with them will avoid that. The paper insert on the DVD+R is probably a clue that the design is on those discs. Unless you want to take a chance, just get the -R.

And packs of Optodisc will be made in Taiwan and have a dark grey spacer. In North America, the country of manufacture will pretty much always be on the label because of consumer protection and trade laws, but in your part of the world, it may not. It doesn’t matter anyway, since if you could see Optodisc hub codes, you already know what the DVD-R is. Just buy it before someone else does.

Bought one 25 cake of DVD-R, so far so good. Will buy another one :slight_smile:
DVD+R are made in Taiwan, so they are Opto’s as well.

Here is the scan, burned @8x on LG H62N:

What a wonderful burn! :clap:
Are you going to buy another cake of -Rs or will you give a chance to +Rs?

Will probably buy another -R cake. About +R I will give them chance next month (when new incomes comes) :), if they still will be available. There is just two or three cakes of them, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get “dancing” style (at least on +R is girl, not dude) :slight_smile:

I bought DVD+R 25 cake, I got the “dancing” style. Don’t know is the high jitter at the beginning of the disc fault of scanning drive, or LG H62N on which is burned. Disc have perfect TRT.

Here is the first scan:
Burn speed: 8x

Interesting. That jitter is totally out of sync with the good PIE/PIF scores.

Try setting your jitter speed to 4x with the JitterSpeed tool, and then scan at 8x. I use a 20A3P to scan, but I scan at 8x with jitter set to 4x.

Oh, I found something directly relevant:

This one is burned with Lite-ON DH20A3H @8x.
It seems that Lite-ON burned it with Hypertuning (judged by the light of the drive), but HT & OHT were set to off.