Found Macrovision free DVD Player

Wasn’t sure which section to post this in, hope i’m in the right spot, appologies if i’m not :confused:

I had tried everything from gold Scart leads to a digital video enhancer/stabilizer box in order to try and back-up my kids DVD’s via DVD Player to DVD Recorder. None of them worked.

But today I found and brought a Macrovision Free DVD Player :clap: Haven’t had a chance to use it yet however the place i brought it from showed me in the store that it definately works :clap: :clap:

So for anyone that might be located in Adelaide, South Australia … I brought it from Force Electronics SA. Brand is > WINTAL , Model is > PDVD2025 and it only cost $129 aud. If you’re not in Australia i guess you could either contact the company and see if they could ship you one (provided it’s compatible with your countries version of tv’s and dvd’s etc) … or you could maybe see if the same model is available in your country somewhere :confused:

If you are unsure, don’t rush out and go buy it, I will test it out tomorrow morning and post here to let you know the verdict :wink:

Information on the box …
PDVD2025 | Wintal Progressive Scan DVD Player with DivX

A multi-function, high quality progressive scan DVD player that also offers smooth playback of the ever popular DivX/MPEG4 video format.

Media Formats:
Playback Formats:
DivX/ MPEG4, MP3, JPG, Kodak Picture CD
High quality, all metal front panel with chrome buttons
Progressive Scan video playback
Built-in AC-3 Dolby Digital 5.1ch Decoder
DTS Decoder
96KHz/24bit Digital-to-Analog Converter
Optical and Coaxial Digital Audio Output
Full Karaoke Support
Playback: NTSC/ PAL
>500 Definition Lines
Dimensions: 48 (H) x 430 (W) x 245 (D) mm
Weight: 3Kgs
100~240V Wide-Voltage Power Supply

p.s also Macrovision Free, however for legal reasons they can’t put that on the box :wink:

Okay for all who may be waiting to hear if it worked…

:iagree: :clap: :clap: IT WORKED PERFECTLY! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
Today I backed up Madagascar & Charlie and the chocolate factory, which are both new movies here in australia. It copied with no problems what so ever, no macrovision issues, no issues with sound or picture either!!

Definately the best darn $129 i ever spent!! :clap: :clap:

p.s I’m in Adelaide, south australia but if anyone here is in another state in australia and can’t find a MV Free player in their state, and desperately wants one then send me a message and i’ll see if i can help you out :wink:

The new RCA DVD player can do the same thing. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Help! Which RCA recorder? Does it have s-video?

yes, it does have s-video output. Anyway,

By the way, this will allow you to record CSS protected DVDs only.
If the DVD also has Macrovision (APS) it will not work.

here is what the RCA DVD player looks like:

Here are some RCA DVD players that I tested it on:

RCA DVD Player model: DRC233NS
RCA DVD Player model: DRC212NA

hope that works :slight_smile:

Or you could just buy one of these scart leads from here: :cool:

[QUOTE=Macrovision3500]yes, it does have s-video output. Anyway,

By the way, this will allow you to record CSS protected DVDs only.
If the DVD also has Macrovision (APS) it will not work.

The Wintal PDVD-2025 allows you to copy CSS protected and Macrovision (APS) protected DVDs :wink:

Anyone know anything about this one?

It looks pretty sturdy and has better input option by look of it.

Anyone bought one?