Found a store selling TY, now which ones to buy?



I’m afer CDs & DVDs, been meaning to find somewhere near me selling TY for a while, finally did but now i’m not sure which to buy
I don’t need them to be printable however i have heard that the silver tops are dust and fingerprint magnets therefore prinatble are preferable
And what of ceramic, silver thermal, master silver, master wide inkjet etc?
Anyway i’ll post the list of TY they sell and hopefully someone can help me decide :flower:



Really, whether you should get silver tops vs printable vs whatever finishing on top is up to personal preference. Any genuine Taiyo Yuden media should be solid regardless of the finishing. As for which ones to buy, it’s a little vague of a question but it depends on what type of burner you have (like how fast can it burn), what firmware, and what you are planning on putting on your DVDs (backup of movies vs data…etc)? Let’s say that you have a 16x capable burner and if you live in the U.S. the fastest rated TY media would be 1-8x media which can be burned at 12-16x without too much problems. I’d recommend you purchase the DVD+R (YUDEN000T02) and then bookset it to -R if you need to have better compatability for stand alone DVD players.

If you live in Europe or Asia, you can probably find TY 16x DVD+R media which is is YUDEN000T03.

Edit: Looks like you can purchase TY at 16x from that list :smiley:


Hi :slight_smile:
A lot of folks still prefer 8x TY media at the moment. I believe that f/w needs to be improved regarding 16x TY media. Take a look at some scans to compare the two.


Yeah, I am partial to the 8x stuff myself. That and when you consider that they are cheaper and will burn (in most burners) at 12x or higher, it doesn’t make much sense to bother with 16x media IMHO. :wink:


I know I prefer 8x TY :iagree:…although I have some Plextor-branded T03 that burns very well, I’d still go for the 8x stuff. :slight_smile: