Found a Free ISO Ripper tool to complement ImgBurn's ability to burn ISO's

I have been wanting ImgBurn to be able to rip non-protected CD and DVD ISO images in addition to being able to burn them, but that feature is not in there yet and I don’t know if it will ever be in there, so I have been trying to find a FREE supplemental app to provide that ability. Well, I think I’ve found one.

It is very simple and easy to use, and it can rip full, bootable CD’s and DVD’s into ISO’s that you can later burn with ImgBurn. It does not burn DVD ISO’s on Windows XP, so I’m only going to use it as a ripper and use ImgBurn as the burner. The app is a nice little ISO ripper / ISO reader / ISO maker and I’m glad it is not very big.

The program is called ISO Recorder, and it can be downloaded here:

I hope it helps folks who are ImgBurn fans to be able to have a full ISO ripping and burning solution between the two tools.

Happy burning,


Thanks for the tip, BK - gonna download it now :bow:

Well what do you know? After doing some hardcore Google page cache viewing, I found 2 more:

The first one is called LCISOCreator and all it does is make ISO images from CD’s and DVD’s. It can be found here:

It’s a single 53,248 byte executable and it seems about as idiot proof as it gets.

Another possibility is called CD2ISO, though I have not yet tested it. I found it in the Google searches too.

Looks like there are at least 3 freeware options to complement ImgBurn. Please share the joy…

Unfortunately the ISO Recorder will only record to CDs (not DVDs) so you need another application like ImgBurn to burn the image.

I personally didn’t like the ISO Recorder application when I tried it a while ago because it doesn’t rip multi-session DVD+RW media in the same way as most other ISO ripping tools - it only rips the files in the last session, whereas other tools I can think of such as IsoBuster (freeware/shareware) and UltraISO (shareware) rip the whole thing.

Since I use multi-session DVD+RW for backups all the time, this tools doesn’t work that well for me.

But IsoBuster which is freeware, unless you want some of the more advanced features, will also rip an ISO image - it is not as user friendly for this purpose however.

Personally I mostly use UltraISO which isn’t free, but at $30 for a lifetime license it’s very cheap and it’s an excellent ISO editing tool IMO.

Those two other ones listed there handle it amazingly well.

I will test them on a multi-session DVD+RW when I get home. Those two tools are amazingly small!

Yeah, I got so frustrated by ImgBurn’s inability to truly rip disks, I just google-searched like a nut and found those. I’m glad I did.

ImgBurn is a very useful tool, so firing up one of these just to RIP a CD/DVD to an ISO image seems a small price to pay.

I didn’t think people did much Multi-Session anymore…

Well, I do. It works really well on DVD+RW media (not DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD-R - just DVD+RW) because the disc looks almost like a single-session disc and most applications treat it as such.

But there are exceptions, and the ISO Recorder tool was the first one that didn’t work properly with my DVD+RW multi-session discs.

So why do I use DVD+RW multi-session?

I backup my documents once a week (using Nero BackItUp) to DVD+RW and when a disc is full (after 3-4 bakups) I transfer the files to permanent media (DVD±R) and in order to do that I need to read all the files off the DVD+RW disc, but reading the files would take an extremely long time because there are tens of thousands of files and the slow seek speed kills reading performance, so ripping the disc as an ISO image is much faster.

I could burn my backups directly to multi-session DVD±R discs, but I don’t like the reduced compatibility of such multi-session discs, and I have found no tools that can rip such discs properly (with the possible exception of PlexTools on Plextor drives whcih might be able to do it.)

Cool beans, man. :slight_smile:

Hey, that LCISOCreator app is bone-stock easy to use. Wow.

Well, I shall try them all :smiley:

I tend to use DVD-RAM for incremental backups, so the multi-session thing isn’t such an issue for me. :slight_smile:

These two tools (cd2iso and LCISOCreator) are not smart enough to handle multi-session DVD+RW media correctly, unfortunately. Only the last session is read and it is read incorrectly.

The only free tools I know of that handle this properly are: IsoBuster and DVDisaster. Both of these tools can do other stuff as well, and the user interface for creating an ISO image is not as easy as for the two small tools that BeardedKirklander presented above, but they are more powerful.

Sorry Drage. Guess they’ll work for most things, just not a few of the more advanced uses.

Don’t be sorry - it’s not your fault. :disagree:

For peope who only use single-session discs, any of these small tools (ISO Recorder, cd2iso, LCIsoCreator) should work well and be easy to use, so thanks for making us aware of these tools. :slight_smile:

I wish there was some way we could convince LUK to update ImgBurn to handle that stuff. But I guess IsoBuster will do the trick, so not all is lost.


I propose using ISO-burner utility. It is really easy to use, free and never failed me. If you wish you can give it a glance too

Options are always nice to have. Thanks.

I don’t get it!!
Why abandon an application that already gets the job done?
DVD Decrypter still rips and burn ISO files and it’s still free.

Why use ImgBurn if it is deficent in it’s ability to accomplish the desired tasks?

For me, ImgBurn is not an option, DVD Decrypter does what I need, which is to rip and burn.

There is simply no easier way to make a backup copy of a disc.

[B]Indeed this tool is nice but how the heck you create an iso file smaller than 7,596,978 KB wont fit in a 4.7 gig disc the file is to large how do i shrink it to a 4,572,736 size? :eek: [/B]

what? you guys don’t like using Build Mode or something?

Build mode is not the same as a true RIP of a disk to an ISO image, I believe.