Found a fantastic place to buy CDs!

Hey there, I’m a newbie. It’s good to be here tho. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed browsing thru all the previous posts and picking up ideas and tips. Just want to share a little secret with those of you struggling as much as I did to find a quality CDs without having to take out a second mortgage! There is a site where you can buy all sorts of CDs it’s at, I know I sound like one of those corny sales people trying to pull a fast one, but I’m honestly only trying to help. My friend recommended I give it a try, I was suspicious at first – you know the whole buying online thing, but I’ve really been amazed at just what you can buy! Tell me what you guys think? Both about the buying online and the CDs!

hmmm… they look ok, but not that cheap, amazon have them brand new (and probibly more relyable service) for little more.

ben :slight_smile:

What do I think?

Hmm, first time poster, IN the bargain basement, “finding” some place that the hordes of us have never heard of?

SPAM, that’s what I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

The people who buy offline tend to get the shaft. Unless a store is running a really good special then you cannot possibly get a better deal offline. Anyways, as mentioned above there are better places to buy media.

The best advice that I can give you is…“Shop Around”.