Found 4 bugs ?!

Hi! :slight_smile:
I did a backup of my “Gladiator” disc in “customize split” mode, I kept all audio and additional titles but spit the main movie upon disc 1 and disc 2. The menu is removed on disc two.

  1. It seems the progress bar is not working correctly.
    After 4:52 minutes it says 100% and stays this way till the process is finished.

  2. On disc 2 the subtitles are displayed automatically, on disc 1 not (as It should).
    This already happened on another disc., “Batman Begins”

  3. On Batman Begins, the second disc starts with the English soundtrack, on disc one with the german one (as it should).

  4. VLC 0.8.6.f can’t play any of the Gladiator DVDs correctly.
    I tried to open the video_ts folder via drag&drop:
    The first disc hangs in the menu: it repeats the first second again and again,
    Disc two doesn’t play at all. (VLC crashes)
    Both play fine in PowerDVD8.

I hope this report helps fengtao!

With best regards,