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Hi, maybe this question has been asked here before, i’m not sure:
Some people claim that there is a Trojan in the Blackice Defender version on FOSI (
Can anybody comment on this? Is this true?
I was thinking about installing it. Right now i am using atguard, it’s great but it’s no longer updated. It’s technology is now part of Norton Internet Security 2000, and that program’s trial version (crack anyone?) is about 20 times bigger…

thanks, ZOELK


Hi there,

where can i download this “atguard” directly

thx in advance :wink:


Atguard is also on fosi’s site ( or


Atguard can be downloaded from Fosi’s site:



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ok, but i still haven’t got an answer to my question…



I don’t think that there is a trojan inside…scanned it with the latest anti-virus software but you never can be sure about it can you?



  • BlackIce Defender

(from FOSI) - using the update check seems to cause program to GPF, making it unusable after this.
The authors are blacklisting alot of serials, so if you try to download an update from their webpage and it won’t let you, that’s why.
Recently a ‘snitch’ url was discovered, this is part of an upcoming feature of the prog and seems not to be to ‘phone home’.


Well, I use Norton and Mcafee antivirus, neither have caught any trojans with my BID.
My AtGuard firewall hasn’t caught any attempts to access my system from any strange trojan.
So FOSI is either WAY more advanced than all these, or it’s safe.


OK, thanks guys.




BID SUX big time it’s useless all you have to do is fart and it gives a warning.

Use @Guard and zonealarm together then your



BlackIce1.9.14 rulls


there are no viruses for me, scanned it using norton antivirus 2k and mcafee 4.0.2 and nothing…so go ahead and use it, i guess. and if you want norton utilities 2k, go here: