Forwarding titles

Another goofy question. When I record on liteon player, it records each event as a seperate title. Now when I finalize and play it on another player, or even the liteon player, is there a way of forwarding to the next title while watching the previous title. I know my remote has chapter search but title search. Is that what is like when you watch episodic tv dvds? You have to pick 1 title and not have the ability to forward to the next title without going back to the menu? Am I making any sense?
Thanks for patience.


From what I recall, there is no way to edit recorded titles such that the DVD player will automatically start playing the next title when the current title ends.

The LVW-5045 does have the ability to merge titles, so if I want to record an episode that is split over two days, I can merge these two recordings as a single recording and put a chapter mark in-between, however once two or more titles are merged, they only appear as a single title in the menu (at least with recordings on its HDD, I would need to double-check for merging titles on DVD). Unfortunately, it is not possible to merge titles on the LVW-500x series.

@LyleG - on the 5005 I can fast forward from title to title. Hitting the next chapter button will take you to the last chapter of a title than you can fast forward to the next title.

There is also a Liteon menu option on the 5000 series (the search or navigate option I think), where you simply type in the title and chapter number using the remote, and you jump to it (choose title number, with chapter as 1).

I assume when LyleG refers to not using the menu he is referring to the DVD menu,