Forward Versatile Disc to become PC friendly & up shipments

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 Although  Blu-ray and HD DVD are  competing to become the next 

generation of optical media, another competitor, Forward Versatile Disc aims to compete with DVD players as well as the…

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Windows Media 9 Sux0rZ!

The Taiwaneese might actually win this one. While HD-DVD and BlueRay camps get into their political bull, the little guy, on the side line, goes right in and takes the prize right from under them. They’ll probably deserve it too. Especially if they’re not going to be using some sort of 'renewing" copy protection, as cosumers won’t go for this type of DRM, they will be clearly have a fighting chance. Of course they will need the co-operation of the studios, but if conusmers don’t buy HD-DVD and Blue Ray but see strongers sales in FVD, they will go where the money is. We do hold the power, its just a matter of holding out. Until then, my DVDs will be just fine. Luis
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