Forward or backward

If you could go back in time or forward in time which way would you go and how far.

Both (I don’t know how far)!!!

Back in time – I could be rich by knowing winning lottery numbers and by inventing things…I could trick people into thinking I was a genius! :bigsmile: :iagree: :bigsmile:

…Also, to witness historical events.

Forward in time – To see how humanity has progressed. Bring back cures for diseases and answers to scientific questions…

If I had to choose between forward or backward – backward…I believe.

Forward is too unpredictable and dangerous. If you went to far ahead the Earth may be FUBAR. :eek: :frowning: :eek:

Oh how I would pollute the timeline in my folly!!! :smiley:

1 st backwards to manipulate my bankaccounts and the rapidly ------> and use it in a lowcost country!

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Like Hyperspace I would go forward and back. Forward to see if we survive the mess we have made… I’d like to know if our descendants finally get to look back to their home star from a planet in another system. I’d love to see if Roddenberry’s dream of a Utopian future earth comes true.

I’d like to travel backward to answer some of history’s big mysteries…like what really happened to the Toltecs and why were those big diagrams scrawled into the Nazca plains in South America. Also…who really killed King Tut??? Etc…etc… :slight_smile: :wink:

Great to answer some of those questions would be great. I tell my wife that as for as we know there could have been a civilization that was greater than ours her on earth since the earth is millions of years old. I tell her it would be nice if someone dug up a car or tv that was over a million years old. The so cal experts always like to talk about the thousand of years it took before we got out of caves, it would be nice to see them after they found something that was better than what we have today

I’d go forward in time, and flog the plans & manufacturing techniques for super-efficient solar cells and go back in time & hand them to some super smart greeks in the 16th century, before coal & other fossil fuels were popular.

Some funky info & proof of global warming would also be handy, so they can form a secret society to hunt down & either persuade, or destroy people pursuing fossil fuel based technologies :stuck_out_tongue:

Back in time. I’d like to see things during the medieval times. I’d go to Rome. Their is so much I would want to see.

:iagree: I realy enjoyed the 3 Back to the future Movies
Back to pick a winning Horse, :wink:
Foward to see how far tecnoligy can go. :slight_smile:

i’d go back just a little over a year ago

I would go back a few years. Not before toilet paper or deodorant were invented.

Last year I had friends working in Uzbekistan.
Brought Luxury toilet paper from there to show us how luckey we are.
Newspaper is still softer than there best toilet paper. :wink: