When i want to write an message, go to an forum, or go to the main forum page i am being redirected to

It is very irritating because every i have to push the "stop" button or else i am being redirected to that url.

Do other ppl have the same problem?

Cya wannabe


I sometimes experience this problem too.
Don’t know why

Click back in my browser, and then it works fine.


i don’t have the problem…
but it’s an IE problem i’ve heard of before

you’re being redirected to the banner above… it has something to do with the IFRAME the banner is located in…

how you can fix it ? don’t know…
the banner on the top of the forum is from our webhoster… we don’t write the code for it or maintain it…


I’ve got the same problem,

its very irritating, …advice to the duke…
get those damn things away …


to: cdfreaks crew



just delete the banners,

or everybody should install an other browser




I use IE but I don’t have this problem, so it must be a setting.



we CAN’T remove the banner on the top
this is the way we pay our webhost…
not possible… period


to theDuke

If i’m correct you dont have to pay for your .com, but your webhost is doing this.

Can you tell where i can join???



we pay for the domain…
but cdfreaks gets like 12000 hits a day
and together they use a bandwidth over around 50 gigabytes a month or so…
that costs a lot of money… so therefore there is a banner located at the top of the forum…
to lower the server costs…


What Duke says is right. We have made a deal with our current webhoster, that we would show his banners as much as possible to help him pay for the bandwith. We know they are irritating, but it’s the banners or no webhosting. You must understand, that we not just can swap webhosting companies, as there are just a few that are willing to help us. And we are happy that our current does !

To answer the question of hoitinga (as Duke does not know that, since he doesn’t take care of the domain, webhosting etc) Our domain had been paid by a friend, and it’s certainly not free !

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well… i was close with my answer