Forum very slow (and Server busy)

The last couple of days I find the forum very slow and several time I get the message that the Server is busy. Also when trying to load a forum page I get a blank page and my browser reports to me that the page is done loading :confused: Also the forum brings me back too the previous page I was without me doing something (welcome to the twilightzone :stuck_out_tongue: )

I tried it with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (v6) and both gave me the same results.

moved the topic from Mainpage bugs forum to Forum Talk, as it is related to the forum instead of the mainpage…

I have no idea what causes this problem, have absolutely no problems myself, forum’s lightning fast as always…

I’d suggest

The “who’s online” does not identify guest sources, but on most forums that do, the Slurp spider from yahoo has a grossly excessive presence - using the “crawl delay” also seems to reduce the numbers of them.