Forum upgrade

We have just did a forum upgrade, thanks to Liggy who actually did it this time. This should bring some bug fixes and enhanced security. Some templates also changed so this could cause some unexpected behavior. Please report if you have issues and we’ll look into it asap. Of course we’re now also checking the forum for issues…

Love the updated [B]Style Chooser[/B]. They all fill the Screen :slight_smile:

[I]Im on Myce 2 it dont have any Commercial ads filling the top of my Screen [/I]

Updated style chooser? I didn’t notice any difference here. What do you think has changed here?

Excellent news!

Great to see this happen at last and hats off to Liggy. :clap::clap:


Just had this…

The administrator has specified that you can only edit messages for $vboptions[edittimelimit] minutes after you have posted. This limit has expired, so you must contact a moderator to make alterations on your message.

Damn, I must remember to edit my messages before the ‘$vboptions[edittimelimit]’ minutes are up :wink: