Forum to discuss BAD experience with CD/DVD manufacturers?



Why don’t we have a forum where we can discuss bad/good experience with customer service/ support of CD / DVD manufacturers ?

on we discuss good and bad experience with DSL providers
I think this community should be similar so peers can get a good idea of whom to purchase their hardware/software from :wink:


Yes in some ways, BUT i see it getting natsy when some ppl have a big difference in opinion. If that did happen then it would mean more work for the admins/mods.



The existing writer forums seem to cover it


Trouble with this is people will have a go @ companies when it might not be companies fault therefore possible losing them money…
Also it will lead to wars with people who favour certain drives\media etc over others
(ie if someone posts that x drive\media is crap and so is support you are sure to get people who disagree)


I think it COULD work if we asked people/members to ONLY post THEIR EXPERIENCE with THEIR CD/DVD player/writer , and if they had TROUBLE how they resolved it ( themself or with help from the manufacture or from members of a forum like :wink: )

They could also comment that they NEVER HAD any problems with their CD/DVD player/writer since purchase

take a look at and you’ll see ALL DSL providers gets negative comments, but that doesnt stop some member from choosing that company, it just make us investigate more about that company. Opinions are used for references and not necessarily for final decision on purchase.

thanks for all replies.


I can see where it would go wrong, and as quite a few members here work for brands of CD/DVD drives it may lead to tension and flaming.

However as long as it was well moderated I dont think there would be any real problem, so overall, yes, I personally think it would be a good idea.

Ben :slight_smile:


My feeling is, this subject is already very well covered in the Recording Hardware and its sub-forums. And yes, sometimes this leads to flaming wars :slight_smile:


topic is well covered already, IMHO. your intentions are good but your faith in humanity is naive. also, broadband is a different beast alltogether. many people are extremely limited in ISP choices and are often forced to go with a particular provider regardless of what they think of them. NYC is a prime example of an area where despite the existence of several cable/broadband companies, you don’t actually have the “freedom of choice” like you do when purchasing hardware equipment. i’d much rather have cablevision’s optimum online as my ISP while maintaining Time Warner Cable for TV, but that’s simply not possible.


Exactly. Someone might get sold a faulty drive and blame the retailer thus causing what maybe one of the best retailers to lose money and customers for what completely isn’t their fault, But a manufacturers fault.

Based on that I don’t think it’s a great idea either too many good companies will be flamed for nothing.


It’s a nice idea, but it’s already hard enough to prevent arguements on forums.


so whats the difference with a member saying a RICOH RECORDER is better than a HP RECORDER
and someone saying TMPGEnc DVD Author is better than Ulead DVD MovieFactory ?


what??? you said take a look at DSLReports or whatever but my point was that’s a different situation.

IMHO, your thread proposal is redundant to what is the main focus of this forum already. what’s so hard to understand about that?


Upon creating a forum for BAD experiences, many GOOD members will leave.


Obviously you can’t comprehend

I hope no one makes any bad comment about any programs or Blank Media on here





I want to report a bad experience with KazaGold! It cost me $60.00 to just get in the door there to attempt to download the movie The Matrix. The movie didn’t work, the movie player they sold me that was supposed to be so superior totally sucked! I emailed them within one hour to ask them for a refund. I found out under their help screen that they charge you $85 if you cancel the credit card payment and that they give NO REFUNDS! So please beware KazaGold. Their product sucks and so does their service. Find another download store - that would be my recommendation. Avoid KazaGold at all costs so you don’t make the same mistake I did.


seems to be covered enough in dvd media forum think there is enough forums at moment and people are used to it (my twopence worth)