Forum suggestion

Don’t know where to post suggestions, so I decided to post it here.

What would be a good thing is if each thread shows who is currently reading that particular thread, The forum does show who is currently viewing the forum as well as who is currently viewing the sub-sections, so why not each individual thread?
This would be particularly valuable to those who have posted a question and newbies, so that they can see that there are other members viewing their particular thread and will stay logged on longer until the resolution of their question is complete.
Too many times someone posts a question, and then when we’re in the process of asking pertanent questions so that we can get more info from them to give better detailed resolutions, they log off and we don’t get the details of their problem and then we move on and sometimes forget to check back on those threads.

Am I babbling?? :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
Anyways, Just think this would help…

Hehe, actually “Forum Talk” would be a good place for this one :smiley:

Moving it there now…:wink:

Thank you. Now I know where … :bigsmile:

Although this may sound good in theory, it won’t work in practice for the following reason:

The forum software can only see what users are doing every time they do something active on the forum, i.e. clicking a link or pushing a Submit/Preview button.

But users don’t necessarily read threads right after clicking or even in the same order as they’re clicking, because you can open up multiple windows and/or tabs in IE7, FireFox and other browsers.

To take an example, when I read the forums I go to e.g. the Blank Media forum, and then I open up a new Tab for every thread that I’m interested in. Then I might go to another forum and do the same, or perhaps go to the “New Posts” and open up additional threads in their own Tab from there.

And then when I’ve opened a number of Tabs, I then read them typically starting with the first one opened.

So the forum software will have little to no idea about which thread I’m reading at the moment.

And anyone interested in following up on threads will receive an email notification anyway :wink:

Alrighty then…Thanks for the feedback. :wink:

If you guys don’t feel it will be useful, then I’ll buy that since you know the ins and outs of forums… :slight_smile: