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Don’t forget about our forum, it’s back at The server seems to handle the visitors quite easily, so we think this time we will succeed keeping it up
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Join us on the forum… it’s quite cozy :slight_smile: over there! Really it’s like the old days :slight_smile:

Is there a forum here?
What sort of questions can I ask there?
Will people answer me?

Yes, and it is the best forum on the internet (very adictive too :smiley: )

You can ask almost anything, but before you do, read the rules and try to use the search, for the question you have in mind may already been answered before :wink:

Yes, in most cases people will answer, that is what this forum is known for. Just don’t expect people to answer everything within 5 minutes.

So come and join us!!!!
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CDfreaks ROX… 4ever!!! :wink: