Forum Speed?

We haven’t seen much posts about the forum speed lately… what do you all think of the forum speed recently?

Been pretty zippy here, whatever the time of day I’ve visited. :slight_smile:

Had times of slowness and lag in the catboz but not as bad as other times.

You change The Last Hamsters food? :bigsmile:

intermittent, but over-all decent.

The main page remains massively slow to load at all times.

It comes & goes, but do agree with above.

No problem with the forum speed here, at least over recent weeks :slight_smile:

Front end (news & reviews) however is a different story, as news stories are very slow to load for me with performance much like the forum was a month ago when it was running slow.

Seems like every other post takes a full minute

For those of you who don’t read the catbox:

Problem was that one HDD was full (from the slave database server) because of a yet unknown problem. We were updating 100k products in the hardware database today, so it could be something with log files, which became too big.

In the end, the slave DB only pushed freaky data back. Think of your computer without any memory and HDD, but still trying to serve you :slight_smile:

Anyway unfortunately we had to switch off the slave server for now, so until tomorrow morning everything is back on 1 database again, so hopefully speed will be ok until tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’m finding browsing the forum - clicking/reading threads etc - is as speedy as usual (perhaps a minute bit slower?), but replying to posts is where the slowness is really noticeable, often taking up to a minute for a reply to be processed.

Still, as I said earlier - I’d rather have a functioning forum with slow speeds, then no forum at all. :slight_smile:

Seems to have ironed out to be okay so far. posting does take some time but we can survive for now.

Ditto here

We can Survive

Slave database is up and running again! Speed is back to normal as far as I can tell.

We also configured a new database class which makes use of this slave database on the news & article pages. So let’s see if these improve now as well.

Wondered why it was so zippy when I logged on (about 6 this morning :doh: ).

Nice job! :clap:

[QUOTE=Arachne;2443564]Wondered why it was so zippy when I logged on (about 6 this morning :doh: ).[/QUOTE]

You’re up early! :iagree: :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=MP|3;2443566]You’re up early! :iagree: :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

Yep. That’s neighbours for ya :doh: :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=MP|3;2443559]Slave database is up and running again![/QUOTE]Nice! :slight_smile:

Speed is back to normal as far as I can tell.
Oh noes…back to [B]normal[/B] speed!?! :sad::stuck_out_tongue:

hehe. All forum pages load in a few seconds here - very fast.

All is good here. :iagree: :smiley:

I’m not sure what happened today, but I’m finding the forum running unusually slow this evening compared to recently. Most pages at the moment take about 6 seconds before the page begins to display and another 4 seconds before the page status finally shows ‘Done’.

Searches are also quite slow with some taking as long as 10 seconds to perform. This is an example of a “Find all posts” on a user with 2 posts just a moment before this time of writing:

Good on my end

Showing results 1 to 25 of 198
Search took 0.16 seconds.

For post of me

And for users with 2 post

Showing results 1 to 25 of 442
Search took 0.28 seconds.