Forum rules question

Hi, before I start using the forums on this site I have a question about cross posting. I recently posted a question about Nero to another forum (Afterdawn) and haven’t received any replies. I know some forums do not like it at all if you post a question to another forum and then post the same question to theirs. Could you please let me know your policy on this and how long I should wait before it is reasonable to post the question on your site. I have read through your rules and can’t find anything on this.

Thanks in advance for a great looking forum setup.

We have no difficulty with a member having posted the same or a similar question on another forum.

Thanks for your quick reply

We’d certainly appreciate it if you found a solution on another forum, to feed back here so members know they don’t have to keep answering. :slight_smile:

Let me clarify a bit to prevent possible misunderstanding.

We don’t mind you posting the same question at other sites, but we don’t allow you posting the same question in multiple CDFreaks (sub-)forums, except when posting in different language forums.

Welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

thanks - that’s all very clear and makes a lot of sense. I have now posted a question in the Nero forum and I hope someone can help me with it.