Forum redirect

Just a question when i am e-mailed of a response to a thread i have made why am I directed to google after a few minutes after clicking on the hyperlink which is e-mailed to me.has anyone had this problem before.:confused:

I think you find your answer here, it was just 2 lines below this when I replied:

sorry about that it has been a rough week…thanks for responding though…:bow:

a few minutes?
heck mine from hotmail show the post real qiuck like for 2-3 seconds then takes you rite to google.

definetly a problem here with that.

hey Da_Taxman anyway you can fix this it is a real pain in the ass.

It has been set to prevent other sites from displaying CD Freaks content through IFRAME tags in their own website.

As soon as this script was installed, the server load decreased significantly…if I remember correctly.

So I am afraid this will continue to be this way, until Domin8tor decides otherwise (and since he reads this forum also, he will reply himself when he does :wink: )

well thanks anyway

Whenever I try to browse the forum from a PocketPC on my wireless newtork I am redirected to Google. I can view the main page with no problems, but If I try to go to I am redirected to google :frowning: