Forum reconstruction



As the CD Freaks forum grow every day we have recently opened discussion within our team about the current structure of the forum. Because we all agreed that most the structure did not satisfy, we discussed how to improve it. Since today you might not find your favorite forum at the place you are used to as we have moved some of them around to ensure a more logical structure.

The new structure of the forum makes sure that CD and DVD related subjects are no longer seperated. Because many people are silently moving from CD recording to DVD recording we felt that we should also intergrate both topics more on our forum.

We hope you will agree with us that this is an improvement and will enjoy your stay with us. The only inconvinience this might cause to you is that you are not able to find your thread as some moderators might move some of the current threads to different forums.


Forums are no longer separated? I think you only mean that the hyperlink has been removed. Via my email subscription and profile i can still access the liteon en plextor forum… just check this :cool:



The URL has not changed, LiteOn forum still has forum ID 44


Originally posted by Airhead
The URL has not changed, LiteOn forum still has forum ID 44

yes i know. the URL hasn’t changed but the hyperlink on the mainpage has … its gone


It’s listed as a subforum to general recording so the link is till there, only smaller :slight_smile: