Forum problems?

Is it just me or does anyone else have problems with the forum in the last 2-3 days? I can only see a few topics going back 2-3 years under forums, searching for topics does not bring any results, old topics do not load and show an empty page etc. Same problems both at home and at work, so it’s not my computer or internet connection.

I have noticed a few things differant here lately.
I only get one page while looking under lastest Use to be continous
When typing in reply box I do not see my cursor anymore, really hard to tell were i am at
Just a few things i have noticed

From what I can tell, Discourse recently installed an update that changed the way tags are classed for CSS. The forum had CSS that hides ‘vbimport’ tags, which basically identifies which threads were imported from vBulletin. This Discourse update ended up causing havoc with this CSS.

I’ve updated the CSS code to point at the new class name they gave for tags, so hopefully everything is loading fine again.

Thanks Sean

The new owner must be trying some new things also, most screens where continous scroll and now they are not for me atleast, and the white/invisable cursor is mind buggling to work with


A few refresh got the full scrolling back still can not see my cursor when typing

Which device and browser are you using? I’ll try troubleshooting the cursor, but so far in each browser I tried (Edge, Firefox and Chrome on Windows 10), the cursor is working on my end.

I use Waterfox 64bit
Windows 7 Pro ( at work )
Problem just started this w

It’s only happening here,
I just did a refresh and still not working

Thanks, I downloaded the portable Waterfox browser and indeed the cursor doesn’t show for me.

I’ll see if I can troubleshoot this. There’s no CSS “Inspect element” for the cursor, so this will be challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Sean
I did not want you to get bored :wink::grinning:

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Cursor disappears for me too when I reply in topics using Mozilla Firefox.

Unfortunately I’ve had no luck with this and wonder if it’s caused by a recent Firefox/Waterfox update instead. On my end, the cursor appears in Firefox, but not in Waterfox, both up to date.

What makes this incredibly difficult to debug is that as soon as I try to click anything in the CSS debugger, the cursor appears! The cursor remains until I close the reply field and bring it back up and the moment I try refreshing the debugger, the cursor reappears. :confused:

In the meantime, you can trigger the cursor to appear by clicking a blank area outside of the text box and then click back in the text box. Even switching tab and back to the Myce tab will cause the cursor to appear.

Thanks Sean
I will keep an eye on it for now and see what happens, at this time this is the only place this happens which is why I was wondering if something had changed here.

Thanks Again

I posted a bug report on the official Discourse support forum.

Like here, the cursor does not appear even on their forum with the Waterfox browser when I try replying to any of their threads. Interestingly, the cursor displays fine when I start a new thread.

From a quick test in the Private Message section, it’s the same, i.e. the cursor appears when I start a new private message, but not when I try replying to an existing discussion.

Nice Detective work Sean :smiley:

I got a response suggesting that this is a Waterfox/Firefox bug and was pointed to this BugZilla thread on this issue.

Near the end of the thread, David mentioned that this occurs on Firefox ESR in Debian, so I installed the Firefox ESR release for Windows, which is the extended support release for organisations. As with Waterfox, the cursor does not appear in Firefox ESR even on the official Discourse support forum. I replied to that BugZilla thread to mention this.

The next major release of Firefox ESR will be on the 9th July, so if Mozilla or Discourse does not fix the bug by then, it will probably be fixed with the upcoming Firefox ESR that will be based on Firefox 68. From my testing, the cursor works fine on the Firefox 68 beta.

The upcoming Waterfox 68 will be based on Firefox ESR 68, so hopefully it will not take long after to launch.

Thanks Sean

So it’s a ongoing problem with Mozilla/Firefox and now Waterfox that started 15 years ago WOW
I can not remember it doing it before, guess it was just my turn