Forum Netiquette



As in the title, i.e. what kind of social convenventions would you suggest that facilitate interaction in Forum.


From a social perspective I’d say that as long as people are polite, treat other members with respect, and abide by the forum rules then they can’t really go too far wrong. :slight_smile:

Awareness of what is likely to annoy others (and avoiding that) also plays a part but other than that I’d say be yourself, have fun, enjoy the atmosphere and soak up the benefits of the community as a whole.



A general rule [of mine, at least] come to mind: do not come remotely close to appearing condescending. People put guards up quickly if they feel offended, which makes situations more complex.

Then again, I take that general approach in everyday life; if I didn’t, my book learning would turn me into a complete snob/jerk/[other insults here].


[I]“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”[/I] goes a long way! :iagree:


Rather than focusing on what is undesirable, focusing on what is desirable is the best way to facilitate an connected international forums like this. Life is too short to spend on offending and being offended.


Good advice guys. :iagree:



Good to see and read the wisdom of CDFreaks veterans.
So interesting that for many it goes without saying: be yourself and be polite.
And for some unfortunately there are no “rules”, like being asked several times to refrain from using Caps. Though it is considered impolite, the friggin’ Caps still keep coming outta the poor keyboard. I guess the poor keyboard tries to compensate its virtual inferiority complex.


I agree with everyone’s input :iagree:

Something for another thread (around here somewhere I think), but txt speak tends to try my patience a bit, though. :wink: