Forum Moved!

It was done very quick, and Iโ€™m not sure if anyone noticed it :wink: But we just moved the forum to test run it on another server. We hope to improve perfomance on the CD newssite and of Club CD Freaks, the forum you are currently reading.

We are now hosted with N.B. the webmaster of who has been a big supporter to us trough time ! (Thanks again N.B. !!!) He has offered us some space and we hope his server will handle the traffic a little better then ours :wink:

Well happy posting on this new server, and let us know if you notice any perfomance increase/decrease !

yes, I guess it is now time for my comment :slight_smile:
Thx Domi, I do like CDFreaks, and I do like the overall team of CDFreaks !
And we already work together โ€ฆ CDFreaks is the newssite, cdrsoft ist the warez site !
Yes, and the position I stand to this forum:
It is not mine, it is ! So I wonร‚ยดt change anything ! I will just make some suggestions, and will help the team to keep the forum up and running !
So I am the Tech Admin, and nothing more !
I hope the server will work fine, and we can do a nice job with the forum again !
Hope you enjoy !

Cya !

I tried to logon when you where doing these changes. No big problems at all, just a message saying that you where working. That was a big surprise :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
N.B. thanks a lot hope that you will become more than just a tech admin and will become a real cdfreaker.:cool:

N.B. Rules!!
And now iโ€™m gonna check out :slight_smile: