Forum losing fonts?



Why is this? This forum is losing all its fonts once this happens. I have to close the tab and reopen the forum to have the text back.


And it happens consistently?

Only on Firefox Chrome, or with everything?


I dint start an investigation :slight_smile:

This is latest chrome and so far only in this particular message when returning from reading the article link - I did it twice to be sure and the font was gone.

However, once the font is gone it affects the whole forum until the tab is closed!


I’m not going to say I have a clue about the reasons this is occurring.

What is the icon/symbol in the address bar (the “Omnibox”)? The one just to the left of the Favorites star? I’m not familiar with that and I’m wondering if it indicates an error.

(While you’re at it: do you have any kinds of extensions installed besides ABP? Could it be ABP somehow being too aggressive?)


This symbol shows cookie-disabled (no tracking) as a result of ABP which is the only 3rd party extension installed.

I am using ABP since years and never saw any problems. Let’s wait and see if the problem re occurs in other postings here.


After I logged of and ran CClean and chrome clean its Fonts Back


This forum software is medival … perhaps time for an update? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it looks good, IMHO



[QUOTE=Millennium12;2755222]This forum software is medival … perhaps time for an update? :p[/QUOTE]

We’re actually working on that, as you’re right. While Vbulletin works well, it has become a pretty big target for hackers, while development has pretty much ceased. There is VB5, but even the Vbulletin sales guys don’t even recommend to install it :wink: