Welcome to the Blank Blu-ray Media Tests forum! :slight_smile:

What’s this about?

We have an idea of creating a database of media tests that you can peruse and search, that is based on the media manufacturer and MID. This means that the structure of each thread and post must be consistant and accessable by the search function, so that users can find what they’re looking for.
This will require a lot of moderating by myself and Pepst to ensure that it works as advertised. Please do not be offended if your post is edited, moved, or even deleted, it is done in the spirit of making this work really well.

Guidelines for posting media tests:

  1. There will be threads for each media manufacturer, Moser Bear India, RiTEK, CMC, etc they will also be split up in format and type (one for BD-R, one for BD-R SL and so on for each manufacturer). Before posting, you must have your media’s MID information, and post in the appropriate thread for that media maker. If there is no thread for that maker, create one! Posting by the media brand, (Fuji, Memorex, etc.), will not be permitted in the media test forums, but may be discussed in the main media forum. Post only one test per post please! Testing should preferrably be done in the same drive your media was burned in.
    [b]2) The subject of your post must include the media maker and the media maker’s speed rating and the speed it was burned at.
  2. The first line in the post must include the drive model used for burning, and firmware version. Also the size of the burn in Mb or Gb.[/b]
  3. Next you should post the MID
  4. Now you should include which brand the discs is sold under and which manufacturer the discs comes from (for searching purposes), follow this with any relevant information like whether the discs is unreadable in some players etc
  5. Finally post an image of the error scan if possible. In order to keep the size of the image to a minumum, we strongly sufggest saving it in “.png” or “.gif” format. You must have have a web host that allows linking for image posting to function, attaching the image file to your post will also work. If you are not able to post and link an image, you can contact me or Pepst about keeping your image on our server. Posts that have broken image links will be deleted.

Please Note: Posts that have insufficient information may be deleted!