Forum guidelines – Must read before posting


Welcome to the Blu-ray Disc media testing forum!


We are creating a database of Blank Media Tests based on the media manufacturer and ADIP where you can search and study in detail. This means that the structure of each thread and post must be consistent and accessible by the search engine. Therefore, it requires your cooperation to ensure that it works and be useful for all CDFreaks members.

Before posting, please read the guidelines below. Please do not be offended if your post is edited, moved or even deleted by the moderators, it is done in the spirit to ensure consistency.

General Guidelines

[li] This forum is for posting scan results only; this is not a discussion forum!
[/li][li] There will be threads for each media manufacturer, Verbatim, TDK, MEI, etc.
[/li][li] They will also be split up in format and type (BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, BD-RE DL)
[/li][li] Please use the search function before creating a new thread or posting your scan results!

Posting Guidelines

Each thread should include the following:

[li]Thread title is name after media maker and disc type.
[/li]Examples: Verbatim BD-R
[li]Modify the subject line to include media maker, rated speed, type and the actual burn speed.
[/li] Example: Verbatim 2x BD-R burned at 6x
[li]First line of the post must include the drive model and firmware, and the size of the burn in MB or GB.
[/li] Example: LG BH08NS20 EL02-05, 23,768MB
[li]Next you should post the MID (Manufacturer IDentification). Look below for a guide on this.
[/li][li]Now you should include which Brand the discs is sold under and which Manufacturer the discs comes from (for searching purposes), follow this with any relevant information like whether the discs is unreadable in some players etc
[/li][li]Finally post screenshots of your
[li]Burn chart, by any software
[/li][li]Transfer Rate Test (TRT)
[/li][li]Nero DiscSpeed “ScanDisc”
[/li][li]Disc Quality Scan, with a Lite-On Blu-ray drive (optional)

[li]Please only a single disc per post. If you have scans for multiple discs, please make multiple posts.
[/li][li]In order to keep the size of the image to a minimum, we strongly suggest saving it in “.PNG” format.
[/li][li]We strongly suggest you do not link images and use our Manage Attachments’ feature so the images will remain if your host disappears.


[B] How to scan Blu-ray-discs in Nero DiscSpeed?[/B]

First you should download Nero DiscSpeed HERE.

When starting up DiscSpeed you will first get this window:

The information we are looking for is under the Disc Info tab as shown in this window:

In the figure above, we have marked the most interesting things:

  1. Select your Blu-ray Drive from the Drop down menu.
  2. Select the Disc Info Tab.
  3. Click on the Save button (looks like a diskette) to save your Media Code information

You may give your saved name additional information and select .PNG format, then Save.

You can use ScanDisc with any Blu-ray drive. Simply select ScanDisc tab and set the Speed to Maximum and click the Start button.

When the Scan has completed you may save your scan in the same fashion as above.

If you have a Lite-On Blu-ray drive you may also post a Disc Quality scan as below.

Select 25x scanning speed and click the Start button.

Next, we will show an example of a good post.


[B]LG BH08NS20 Firmware EL02, 23062MB[/B]

[B] MID[/B]: SONY (001)
[B] Media[/B]: Sony 2x BD-R SL
[B] ODD[/B]: LG BH08LS20
[B] Firmware[/B]: EL02
[B] Burn Speed[/B]: 2x
[B] Size[/B]: 22.56GB