Forum Game: Match a bear

Match a bear? What are you talking about?!

Okay, here’s how this works…

Edit: Rules have changed.  You can now match a bear with anyone, not just a mod/admin


1/ Think of your favorite (or least favorite) mods and/or admins at CD Freaks. If you need help, this might help a little.

2/ Visit this page of “Bad Taste Bears” and look over the entire gallery of bears (there are 105 of them).

3/ Now match up the mods/admins with a bear! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot of the people. If you only know one, then match just that one with a bear. Or if you know all of them, you can match them all to bears. But hey, even if you don’t know them, it might still be fun to match them up with a bear. Hehe. :wink:

Credits: This game is Da_Taxman’s idea.

To start things off…

Womble: Ewan (#26)
Da_Taxman: Dark Vibe (#50)
Jamos: Bronze Jason (#13)
Wesociety: Tex (#67)

Dee-27: Dee Dee (#21)
bcn_246: Vic UK (#27.2)
Sexy_Southener: Buffy (#38)

Those aren’t mods/admins… :wink:

Btw if I were a bear I’d like to have Buffy as gf :smiley:

James for me

code65536: Kirk (#88)
Dee-27: Sheldon (#84) (remember what she said about Chocolate? ;))… Edit: nevermind, Miss (#89) is more fitting :wink:

Btw if I were a bear I’d like to have Buffy as gf :smiley:

Can we have it for all people?

bcn_246: Russell (#10)
Sexy_Southerner: Violet (#15)

da_taxman - 5
dominatrix - 9
bcn -25
norty -21

I’m too lazy to think on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know everyone in person so I can’t match them, but I think I know our lovely boy here, bcn aka ben. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dear god!
Some people sure have some time on their hands!

were is your , mr Debro :slight_smile:

fun to bring this up, cannot even remember it was my idea actually…
Spammer who brought this up is banned btw :wink: