Forum-game: Count with images!

FYI to the last 4 posts please play fair and follow the rules.

  • No consequitive posts. Let others in the game too.
  • You may only post images you’ve found on the net, no editing allowed[/b]

BTW, I don’t feel like people are trying hard enough here. I mean the putting a number in mapquest and coming up w/ the pic is worse than page numbers.

BTW isn’t it just a little game, Stoner :wink:

p.s. I didn’t edit anything, or you wanna call me a cheater :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t put my number in the Mapquest, it was just googling for “highway 111” :slight_smile:

Military unit patches might make the game too easy. There must be thousands of ‘Air Mobile Latrine Cleaning Brigade’ type units out there.

slaps kalas for not following the rules

I feeling very bad about this Airhead :p.



FIAT 124


Object of the game is to find pictures with numbers in them

It’s amazing to see how a human can be happy with small things…

(if the number is still 124, here’s mine)



Must… control… self… from… posting… 92 font… game… rules…

That’s it, I quit.