Forum-game: Count with images!

Since Google has such a nifty image-search we can use this to create a game. Object of the game is to find pictures with numbers in them, and count with those. The game starts at 100, lets see how far we can go. Initial target is 150.


[li]You may post only one picture at a time
[/li][li]No consequitive posts. Let others in the game too.
[/li][li]You may only post images you’ve found on the net, no editing allowed
[/li][li]Dont post BMP’s.

Here we go




give up

Ehhh… NO…:rolleyes:

it was me giving up trying to get an image in :frowning: After far too many attempts I had to go out.

Ohh… I’m really sorry!!! I thought you meant giving up te tread… It was not meant to make you angry or something…!

Can I suggest a new rule on this game? NO EFFING page numbers or lables. It’s super cheating. It has to be part of an object. Thank you. Now to find the next number…

Good thing there’s a North American model.

Late entry. Try again.

Erm, we did 110.

I know Chriso :), while I was seaching for a nice one Stoner posted his one. Shame on me :p.

Don’t mess with me :cool:, these crazy Asian people got plenty of roads and I now their website (we can play the game up to 500) :stuck_out_tongue: