Forum crashed *update*

I just posted the article Forum crashed update.

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Current status

Monday 11:00h : forum crashed due to heavy load on the server.

Status: the complete server crashed (all UNIX based accounts on…

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Pfeewwwww I tought I got banned

Let’s hope it’ll be back soon otherwhise my job will be boring again like it was for a week ago.

Succes! Zout ikkuh dannuh zegguh huh?

this sucks… i liked the forum, and i had a depression for about 2 months, it’s starting again ;-(

this is f@#!%^$#*^&(I&

Why is it so hard to host this forum and keep it online? It always worked very well untill about 4-5 months ago? What caused this??

This sux

Not again…

The forum has a very high demand when it comes to data traffic.
Since all data traffic must be paid for by somebody, you can imagine that most providers are not that eager to host the forum (not to mention the content of the forum, you all know what I mean )

Let’s hope the forum will be back soon (hmmm, deja vu ), because it is the most important part of (Club) CD Freaks.

But there is always IRC and IRC is there to stay. IRC survived all forum crashes so far and has helped many people as well. It may be more time consuming, but you’ll find many people there.

You can use an IRC client like mIRC ( ) or a Java chat (for example the one on ).
The server to use is any IRCNet server ( to mention just 2 possibilities) and the channel is #cdfreaks

See you on IRC!


You can all visit our forum @ for a month or 2 till the CDFreaks forum is up again.

It’s impossible!!! Again??? (( The unoficcial italian forum is here: [let’s keep it unofficial](’s keep it unofficial)
[let’s keep it unofficial](’s keep it unofficial)
a little slow… but isn’t ufficial!!

Forum down.
Langs deze weg,harsikke bedankt carlo vaessen,ut werkt

Why??? If the ufficial forum is always down… and the unofficial is always online… where is the problem??? This is only 4 italian people! Please tell me what is the problem. Tnx

Why not all just go back to its ubb and we have no problem with hosting. the trouble with v bulletin is it needs shit loads of ram otherwise it goes tits up.

I mean ours is v bulletin as well. "god damm bacardi and cola ! :slight_smile: " but it still needs loads of ram.

Can someone tell me what’s the meaning of life now??

Hmmmz could you cdfreaks guys keep us updated? I really would like to know what’s going on and even more: how long the downtime is expected to last…
Just send an email once a week or so

Well, this post will be deleted as allways, but you can find our great NEW (fast) forum at:

Where is the Italian unofficial forum?
Or is it only a joke?